What direction is your business going in?
Fleming Consulting, LLC specializes in the development of lean production systems through the use of Toyota Production System (TPS) principles and methodologies.  We offer affordable customized training, implementation, and coaching services to small and medium size organizations across the southeast.  Our personal service will be a seamless complement to your existing organization for short to long term engagements.      

Fleming Consulting uses a structured methodology and a variety of tools to derive this big picture level of understanding.  The approach is hands-on and highly interactive.  It is designed not only to create an understanding of the prioritized opportunities across the value stream, but also to create the “bias for action” necessary for your organization to take the proper steps in the implementation phase.  The combination of clearly defined project priorities linked to your business objectives, together with an organization motivated to drive change, is a proven equation.

If you need help setting a strategic continuous improvement course of direction for your business feel free to contact us for an introduction meeting. 

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Last update: April 5, 2010
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